What is an Urban Regeneration Company?

Urban Regeneration Companies (URCs) have been established to focus and integrate regeneration strategies for key towns, cities and regions within the UK.

What is Newport Unlimited?

Newport Unlimited was a Urban Regeneration Company for the City of Newport in South East Wales, and was officially launched in March 2003.

Why was Newport Unlimited formed?

Job losses in February 2001 at the Llanwern Steel Works in Newport, along with closures at Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent and elsewhere in Wales led to the preparation of the Five Counties Regeneration Framework and the Newport and Blaenau Gwent Regeneration Programmes, both of which proposed that there was an urgent need to regenerate Newport and establishing a URC would significantly assist the regeneration process.

How was Newport Unlimited formed?

Newport Unlimited was a private company founded by the Welsh Assembly Government and Newport City Council.

What is Newport Unlimited’s overall aim?

The company aims to promote the regeneration of Newport, strengthen its economy and re-establish Newport’s regional role as a ‘driver for economic growth’.

How will Newport Unlimited achieve regeneration in Newport?

Newport Unlimited will co-ordinate public sector investment in the city to facilitate future development opportunities. The company will also produce Master Plans and promote the development and investment opportunities in three geographical areas, Central Newport, East Newport and West Newport.

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