Giant lorry takes new bridge load

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A truck the length of four lorries brought part of the M4 in south Wales to a standstill as it transported a section of a new £5m footbridge.

The 144ft (44m) lorry took an hour to transport its 60 tonne load from one part of Newport to the other.

It was escorted by police as it made its journey and overshadowed other vehicles including other lorries which are about 40ft (12m) long.

It was carrying a section of the bridge being built over the river Usk.

The new bridge is part of a long-term regeneration of Newport.

The project is being overseen by regeneration company Newport Unlimited and paid for by Newport Council and the Welsh Development Agency (WDA).

The lorry had to be hired by engineers constructing the bridge to transport the middle section of the bridge spanning the river Usk for cyclists and pedestrians to cross into the city centre from Maindee.

It will be as high as the Newport Transport Bridge and features four crane-like masts, standing in pairs, which support the bridge from the west bank.

“When the bridge goes up, it will be incredibly high,” said Newport Unlimited chief executive John Burrows.

“When it is lifted into place it will tower above Newport.”

The bridge is part of a scheme led by Newport Unlimited which plans to roll out more than 60 projects in 15 priority areas.

It hopes to help attract more than £600m in private sector investment and create 4,000 new jobs. 

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